A new species of the weevil genus Mogulones Reitter, 1916 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Ceutorhynchinae) from Northeastern Turkey

Boris A. Korotyaev, Levent Gültekin, Enzo Colonnelli


A new species Mogulones neslihanae Korotyaev, Gültekin & Colonnelli sp. nov. is described from Northeastern Turkey where it lives on Nonea caspica. The new species is very closely related to M. tristis (Korotyaev, 1981) from the Hakkari and Şırnak provinces of Southeastern Turkey; M. neslihanae sp. nov. differs primarily in the smaller body size and a well-developed pattern of the pronotum and elytra, instead of being uniformly covered with very dark brown pubescence as in M. tristis. These two Turkish species are also compared with M. austriacus (C. Brisout, 1869) from Eastern Europe and Western Asia, another species associated mostly with Nonea pulla complex with purple flowers.


Mogulones, Nonea caspica, new species, taxonomy, Turkey.

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