The genus Dioscore Warren, 1907: two new species and analysis of characters spread (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Geometrinae)

Aare Lindt, Lennart Lennuk, Jaan Viidalepp


The genus Dioscore Warren, 1907 is reviewed. Diagnostic characters are listed for the genus and species included, the male genitalia are described for the first time for seven species and the female genitalia for three species. Two new species are described from Papua Indonesia: Dioscore kirke Lindt, Lennuk & Viidalepp, sp. nov. and Dioscore vilu Lindt, Lennuk & Viidalepp, sp. nov. The genus with its ten species is endemic to New Guinea and nearby islands; its taxonomic affinities are discussed.


Geometridae, Geometrinae, taxonomy, anellar complex, new species, Papua Indonesia.

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